Who is JabaJaba?

JabaJaba has developed great browser based software over the last 14 years and has a national client base.

We ‘effect change’ in the way companies manage and increase productivity. Our productivity solutions save time and money, our compliance & audit solutions enables companies to easily identify, track and solve challenges over wide geographical areas, and our ecommerce solutions make money on the internet for our clients.

By listening closely to our clients we gain a sound understanding of their requirements and take an active partnership approach in solving their business problems to deliver real business benefits, accelerate revenue, reduce costs, and more efficiently accomplish their business goals.

What is iPartner?

iPartner is a collaboration with FM Group providing the methodology and iPartner the technology.

The result is a powerful relationship analysis diagnostic, reporting and continual improvement tool - adding metrics, traceability and visibility to relationships where otherwise its difficult to do.

The iPartner programme is proven with clients both in the Public and Private sectors

iPartner doesn't analyse the results/revenue of a relationship, more the health and direction of the relationship itself, highlighting focus points on which the relationship can be leveraged.

What does it do?

Its use quickly achieves enhanced benefits, leverages revenue and the longevity of the relationship - providing a heads up to fix issues and maximise the value of the relationship on an ongoing basis.

The use of Appreciative Inquiry within the workshop environments promotes positive ongoing change.

How does it do it?

iPartner measures and compares perceptions across 52 critical success factors, through an online diagnostic to be answered by both parties.

iPartner's purpose is to strengthen relationships, to ensure clarity of what each party is aiming for within the relationship, and to increase efficiency in working together.

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What can iPartner do for you?

iPartner by Jabajaba

Key features / Benefits

  • Enhance strategic relationships.
  • Accelerate business growth.
  • Provide clarity.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Ensure Longevity.
  • Web-based scoring questionnaire of 52 critical success factors.
  • Based around proven partnership best practices.
  • Benchmarked against own ideals, history or best-in-class.
  • Action & outcome focused for continual improvement.

What is iPerform?

iPerform is a feature rich compliance, monitoring, and management solution.

It enables full monitoring of all your business risks and ensures that you are 100% compliant with your policy and proceedures & legislation.

What does it do?

The system will allow users at all levels of the organisation to see information relevant to them, and to allow them to record, monitor and report on all results.


A comprehensive reporting suite provides your Key Performance Indicators and Dashboard facilities so you can see at a glance, how well your organisation is doing.

What can iPerform do for you?

iPerform by Jabajaba

Key features / Benefits

  • Helps maintain legal compliance and safeguards against litigation and criminal action.
  • Assists in proving due diligence.
  • Helps maintain and increase quality standards throughout your organisation.
  • Provides an internal audit of all health & safety related issues across the properties.
  • Contributes to staff review processes.
  • Provides day-to-day support for regional & line management.
  • On Demand Technology provides true remote access worldwide via any internet-enabled PC without the need for any additional hardware or software.
  • Multi-level, permission based access.
  • ‘Live’ reporting system enabling the monitoring of key performance indicators daily.